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Van Hool dispone de una amplia gama de soluciones de transporte. Para el Reino Unido e Irlanda, nos comprometemos a desarrollar una gama que responda específicamente a las exigencias de estos mercados. Vea todos los productos de esta gama a continuación.

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Van Hool has a very wide range of container chassis for the transportation of standard, tank, bulk containers and swap tanks.



7m82 UK

20'/30' UK/IRL - 8 lockers

40'/45' UK/IRL - 4 lockers

40'/45' UK/IRL Gooseneck - 4 lockers

Universal UK/IRL


The road tankers at Van Hool are built according to the specific requirements of the customer and the tye of transport. Depending on this, the tanks are made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The contents of the tank, the number of compartments, any insulation and heating, etc. are determined together with the customer.


Chemical road tanker



Food road tanker



Milk road tanker




Van Hool is unique in this branch. It is the only manufacturer in the world that builds tank containers in stainless steel (for chemicals) and in aluminium (for powders) and gas tanks in stainless steel and carbon steel within the same factory.



Tankcontainer General




Curtainsider semi trailer

Van Hool is a well-known manufacturer of curtainsider semi trailers. Numerous variations are possible..a sliding or a fixed roof, high rear doors or a tailgate with tarpaulin above it, etc…



Curtainsider semi-trailer general




Flatbed semi trailer

The Van Hool flatbed semi trailer has been tested in the harshest conditions. Thanks to its sturdiness, this model has already been exported to a number of remote destinations.



Flatbed semi-trailer general





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