About Van Hool

Van Hool has been in existence since 1947. And what was true then is still true today: we are passionate about transport and driven by technical innovation. That is common knowledge. Not just in Belgium, but all over the world. We create groundbreaking solutions that delight customers and pave the way for the future.

Quality, reliability and flexibility. That is what we stand for and you can feel it in everything we do and make. No challenge is too big for us. No detail escapes us. As true pioneers, we dare to look ahead and push our limits. The result? Today, our group is an international leader in the development of technically innovative buses, coaches and industrial vehicles. Van Hool is excellent craftsmanship, the standard in sustainable transport solutions.

Van Hool. Leading the way.

More than 75 years of experience

Van Hool can look back on a rich history. Since the company was founded in 1947, our name has become synonymous with solidity, quality, reliability and a high-quality finish. And we are not standing still. Our expertise and sense of innovation still produce new solutions every day.

Did you know, for example, that we were the first manufacturer of city buses with low floors? Did you also know that we were partly responsible for the breakthrough of the hydrogen bus? And that the world's first battery-electric double-decker coach on the road, in the shape of the TDX25E, is ours too?

Even after more than 75 years, we remain pioneers... leading the way.

Happy people on a Van Hool-coach

Driven by people

The strength of our organisation is not just down to technology, it’s down to our people. After all, each vehicle is developed by people with a passion for quality. Their expertise, creativity and drive for innovation have made our products outstanding and continue to ensure that our customers like working with us.


Legal & Corporate Social Responsibility

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