Public transport

When you think of public transport, you think of Van Hool.



New range of 100% zero-emission public buses

The new A series will feature exclusively zero-emission powertrains: battery-electric, fuel cell (hydrogen) and trolley. With this new A range, the company is building on the knowledge and experience it has gained in eco-friendly buses for public urban and regional transport. In this way, Van Hool is offering a response to the ever-growing demand from public transport companies that are focusing on making their fleet more ‘green’.

The Van Hool A series is a completely new range of buses in 4 different lengths (12m, 13m, 18m and 24m), with 2 to 5 passenger doors available.

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The epitome of high-quality public transport.

The timeless and elegant design of the Exqui.City BRT emphasises a smooth and safe journey through the city of today and of tomorrow. Smooth lines, diffused light and an advanced ergonomic interior are all crucial in making the journey a relaxing experience for the passengers. Spacious entrances and exits, a low floor and wide aisles throughout the vehicle ensure optimal passenger flow.

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Pioneer in sustainable transport

In 2005, we introduced the first fuel cell buses in the US, followed by Europe two years later. But we are also leading the way with our battery-electric solutions and trolley concepts, offering our customers an energy-efficient stepping stone to clean public transport. This is a must in times of global warming and strict CO2 standards.

Leading in innovation

There is no stopping innovation in our company. Not even in public transport, in which we are a global household name. Our engineers closely monitor the latest developments and create city buses and trams that meet all the requirements of any design brief. As an independent integrator, we work with the best partners in the market. This gives us the strength to continue where others stop.