Bevertrans renews and grows

Posted on
15 December, 2023

Bevertrans (Bruges, BELGIUM) is a modern, dynamic transport company run by the three daughters, Liselotte, Marlotte and Charlotte, of the inspirational founder Geert Verhegge, who died in 2021. Together, they are at the helm of this family-run business specialising in tank container transport for chemicals and foodstuffs, as well as tipping transport. Founded in 1993, the company has some 70 employees, 50 tractors and 65 trailers... and in early 2024 it will add five Van Hool container chassis.

"In 2015, we were looking for a reliable partner for our container chassis, as the fleet was in need of renewal at that time," says son-in-law Tom Verhoegstraete, in charge of the fleet. "The delivery in early 2024 completes that renewal operation, as it will bring the total to 37 deliveries of new Van Hool container chassis. We impose high standards in terms of equipment, price/quality, functionality, ergonomics and safety for our drivers being paramount. The good contact and reliable communication with Van Hool are essential for us."

Tom adds: "Our employees are our greatest asset. Therefore, we make every effort to offer them a comfortable, safe working environment. The great added value of the Van Hool container chassis for our drivers is the open rear of the chassis which is equipped with steps. This significantly increases safety and ergonomics for our drivers. With this, we also comply with the stricter guidelines at loading and unloading sites, making a walk-in chassis an absolute must even more than before."

Bevertrans aims for 100% customer satisfaction, so sustainability and social commitment are central to the operation of this thriving company. To achieve that goal, high-quality, flexible customer service is of great importance. With appropriate equipment and full commitment to customers, we grow step by step.

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