Parrys International wins 'UK Coach of the year 2022' (along with 5 other awards) at the UK Coach Rally with their luxurious Van Hool TX17 Astron.

Posted on
13 April, 2022



The UK Coach Rally has been an important competition in the United Kingdom for both coaches and drivers dating back to its first edition in 1955.

In the Concours, coach tour operators present their best and latest models to compete for the various awards, ranging from Most Luxurious Coach, to Best Aged Coach and Best Team. Besides the vehicles, the drivers are also competed against each other to show their skills in manoeuvring their coaches through an obstacle course.

Through the years, Parrys International has been a steady winner in this Concours with their Van Hool vehicles. Thanks to the luxurious finish and many options on their coaches – such as RGB lighting, individual screens and ergonomic seating – Parrys has once again won UK Coach of the year 2022 with their Van Hool TX17 Astron.

And we couldn't agree more​ !

The TX Astron is an ultra-high version of the TX Acron, in lengths of 13.20 m / 73.3 ft and 14.04 m / 47.2 ft. The luggage compartment of this version is an enormous 18 m3 / 635.6 ft3 with a sleeping compartment for the driver and a spacious toilet.

More details about our TX Astron can be found HERE.