Van Hool wants to accelerate recovery with co-CEO.

Posted on
17 January, 2024

Koningshooikt - As of today, Marc Zwaaneveld has been appointed co-CEO at Van Hool, an independent manufacturer of buses, coaches and industrial vehicles. Together with current CEO Filip Van Hool, he will take on the daily management of the Van Hool group.

Covid has had a significant impact on the sectors and markets in which Van Hool is active. In particular, there was a sharp decline in demand for coaches. Subsequently, as a result of macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainties, there was a severely disrupted supply of materials and high inflation. These external factors have had a major impact on the financial results of the Van Hool group. The good news is that there is an initial recovery of volumes and order book. It is essential to accelerate and intensify this process of recovery.

With the appointment of Marc Zwaaneveld, Filip Van Hool will be able to focus more on managing the day-to-day activities, while Marc Zwaaneveld will focus in particular on the above-mentioned process of accelerating and intensifying the recovery. Marc has extensive experience in managing companies that could use an extra boost.

Marc Zwaaneveld will stay on until the recovery plan is sufficiently secured.

Van Hool is a Belgian independent manufacturer of buses, coaches and industrial vehicles, based in Koningshooikt. The company was founded in 1947. The vast majority of production is intended for Europe and North America. Van Hool has more than 3,500 employees worldwide, the majority of whom work at the production sites in Koningshooikt (Belgium) and Skopje (North Macedonia).



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