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Van Hool introduces a new coach range: Van Hool T

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25 November, 2022

Following the successful Van Hool T8, T9 and TX generations, Van Hool T is being presented as the logical successor. The new Van Hool T coach, shown in preview today, is a vehicle that will set the tone for the Van Hool brand over the next ten years. Van Hool T is a new product range that fits in perfectly with the existing portfolio of Van Hool luxury coaches: the EX and TDX series. Intro 1.

Today, Van Hool is presenting a preview of the entire range of T Alicron, T Acron and T Astron single-deckers.

The development of the Van Hool T is guided by four main themes: Aerodynamics, Design, Comfort and Safety.


Clean, controlled aerodynamics front and rear for optimal efficiency (reducing fuel consumption) and ecology (low CO2 emissions).

Wrap around design, front and rear, and the front lip spoiler ensure optimal streamlining to avoid as much air turbulence as possible. With this in mind fog lights and cornering lights have also been fully integrated into the smooth design. The integrated fairing fins, the roof spoiler and guide the air flow as it leaves the vehicle at the rear, thus reducing turbulence to the maximum extent. The specific design of the rear end is aimed entirely at optimum aerodynamics.  

The most striking design feature of the Van Hool T is the particularly convex windscreen, the shape and rake of which is fully consistent with maximum air flow. At the front of the vehicle, the underside boasts a smooth finish to minimise air turbulence here too. 

Thanks to this striking aerodynamic streamlining, wind noise is also kept to a minimum. Aerodynamics at Van Hool also contribute to the overall feeling of comfort, which is one of the brand's core values.

The Van Hool T has newly designed wing mirrors as standard. It goes without saying that the optionally available cameras to replace the mirrors, called MirrorCams, can make a huge contribution to the particularly low drag of the Van Hool T coach.


Traditional and recognisable design according to Van Hool's typical style canons. A horizontal interplay of lines results in an innovative, elegant and timeless concept in the Van Hool tradition.

Horizontal lines front and rear, together with the chrome strip on the side of the vehicle, make the Van Hool T instantly recognisable as a Van Hool luxury coach. The subtle chrome elements at the front of the coach and the glossy black surface between the headlights emphasise the Van Hool design language and also give the Van Hool T a premium look.

To fit in a balanced way with the horizontal lines, the front and rear lights were each given an inclusive design. Daytime running lights/indicators at the front and tail lights clasp the horizontal line pattern, as it were, and do not let a single line escape. 

The side chrome strip creates a distinct separation between the windows and the bodywork. At the rear, the side of the coach is adorned with a body-coloured fin that provides a dynamic touch to the design of the flanks. To emphasise the separation between glass and bodywork, this fin makes no visual contact with roof and bodywork.

The front and rear lights make full use of LED technology and complement the new design language of the latest Van Hool products. 

Inside the vehicle, an entirely new interior atmosphere immediately catches the eye. All surfaces are currently finished in fashionable black, such as the window framing, seat frames and rails. The roof liner above the driver’s seat, on the other hand, is finished in a light colour and is indirectly illuminated by the LED interior lighting. The result is a muted luxury lighting effect which avoids disturbing the driver and his view outside. 

The driver is made welcome in a completely new work environment. A new dashboard with a state-of-the-art design offers the driver a pleasant, modern and, above all, premium-feeling workplace. Ergonomically fully designed and rearranged, a digital display and an up-to-date multimedia system with both touchscreen and physical keys not only facilitate a driver's work but also make it enjoyable.

The new interior atmosphere is also noticeable immediately on entering the vehicle. Again, an interior featuring trendy black, with pleasant touch materials, a premium ambience thanks to subtle strips in brushed chrome. Passengers are welcomed in a luxurious, redesigned interior. The Van Hool design department has specially developed a new atmospheric interior design where materials and colours were expertly selected with a sense of style and class.


Van Hool owes it to itself not to make any concessions when it comes to comfort. In the development of the Van Hool T, this theme was naturally at the forefront. 

A new generation of seats for premium comfort make their appearance with the launch of the Van Hool T. The seats are at the same time lighter and more comfortable, offering a whole range of options. With a weight saving of 5 to 6 kg per seat, fuel consumption is also reduced. One of the notable options is the cradle function, in which the seat moves as the backrest is reclined. This allows the passenger to enjoy a true 'armchair position'.

For storing light luggage, passengers can now use newly designed racks. These have been placed more sideways on the Van Hool T and slightly tilted, increasing the storage volume. More important is the increased space in the cabin itself. Placing the racks more to the side creates more space, mainly at the level of the aisle and the seats adjacent to it. This allows passengers seated in these middle seats to stand up straight without being obstructed by the racks. The luggage rack doors now hinge inwards in order not to obstruct standing passengers.

Boarding the Van Hool T will also be easier from now on. The stairs have been widened, the folding guide seat is hung up for even more space and passengers have more and larger handles available for easy and safe access to the vehicle.

Van Hool has developed a new climate control system for the new T range. Thanks to new technology, the new climate control system cools and heats better and faster, while also being more energy efficient than the previous generation. Also important is the operating silence. Depending on the version, the new systems produce 6 to 10 decibels less noise. A major step forward in terms of overall passenger comfort.

As a high-end coach, the T Astron is equipped with an integrated air conditioning system with separate evaporators. The four individual but centrally controlled compact air-conditioning units are recessed into the roof and provide rapid and even climate control in four zones of the cabin. All the Van Hool T air-conditioning systems come with antiviral capabilities as standard.

Finally, the driver enjoys enhanced climate comfort thanks to a new heating system at the front with a separate connection for the driver. This improves the air distribution between windscreen and driver.


With the Van Hool T rollout, the brand is also introducing its new safety equipment.

Mobileye was the supplier called upon to source this, with its Shield+ safety programme. This comprises the

following components:

  • Turning Assist: detects the presence of vulnerable road users next to the vehicle and warns the driver if they intend to turn.
  • PCW, Pedestrian Collision Warning: detects moving pedestrians in front of the vehicle and warns the driver in the event of an impending collision.
  • SLI, Speed Limitation Indication: recognises traffic signs with a speed indication and displays them on the dashboard.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition: recognises traffic signs.
  • HMW, Highway Monitoring Warning: warns the driver if the distance to the vehicle in front is too small.
  • Turn Signal Reminder: reminds the driver of a direction indicator left on too long.

The entire safety equipment is further supplemented with the DDI or Driver Drowsiness Indication. This system monitors the driver’s condition. If he starts getting drowsy, the DDI detects this from the steering behaviour and warns the driver in time by means of an audible and visual alarm.  

T-range Model Year 2023:

The Van Hool T will initially be marketed as the Van Hool T Alicron (12-13 m), T Acron (10-14 m) and T Astron (13-14 m).

PACCAR-DAF again supplies engines from the EURO6 NG generation (11 & 13 litres) with a power range of 270kW/367hp to 390kW/530hp.

The Van Hool T offers a choice of automated manual gearboxes (ZF TraXon) and automatic gearboxes (ZF EcoLife and Allison). 


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