T range

Our new T range.
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Discover our brand new T coach

Alicron, Acron and Astron

Familiar names. Brand new faces.

Innovative, qualitative and timeless: that’s what the T is about. Both technically and designwise it meets today and tomorrow’s expectations. We are faithful to our successful foundation, and equip the new T series with high-quality materials and fabrics and with new innovative features.

The T is the result of our constantly evolving aim to provide your passengers with a next-level travel experience.

Our new T range


Dynamic and recognizable Van Hool style features were integrated in a brand new concept. Subtle chrome elements, both inside and outside the vehicle, emphasize the premium look of the T.

An ergonomic cockpit with a modern and contemporary digital dashboard provides the driver with a state-of-the-art workplace.


Controlled aerodynamics at the front and rear of the vehicle greatly improve air resistance. Impact of wind under the vehicle was reduced to a minimum.

The result is a significant reduction in fuel consumption and driving noise with a positive impact on the environment.


For the T, we reinvented the luggage racks, creating more practical space in the racks as well as in the entire interior of the touringcar.

Next-gen multimedia, a new antiviral climate control system and new complete LED interior lighting with adaptive light colour create a unique, comfortable and luxurious interior atmosphere.