When is it smart to opt for a new tank? And when is it even smarter to refurbish your old tank?

Why refurbish?

Because several factors, such as rising energy costs, the impact of the coronavirus crisis, and growing environmental awareness, have already inspired some fleet owners to refurbish their vehicles rather than purchase completely new ones.

Such a refurbishment project offers numerous benefits, including unifying systems, chassis treatment, extending the life of their equipment and optimising TCO (total cost of ownership).

For tank trailers and tank containers

Specifically in the tank trailers and tank containers segment, we see that refurbishment is an interesting option when the stainless steel vessel is still in good condition but the tank frame or chassis is showing wear. 

In this case, we offer to replace or treat the chassis (sandblasting or metallisation), including renewal of pneumatic and electrical components. The trailer chassis is thoroughly checked, as are ladders, handrails, grilles and pipes. Suspension and braking systems are rebuilt or upgraded to the latest technology, as are wiring, mudguards and cabinets. For tank containers, renewing insulation and cladding can also be part of the refurbishment.

And with a fresh coat of paint and periodic inspections, your whole refurbished picture is complete.

More than 50 years of experience

Currently, our refurbishing projects run until mid-2024, and we plan to expand our capacity. With more than half a century of experience, our specialists ensure thorough analysis and high-quality execution, striving for the latest technologies, the highest quality... and yet another satisfied customer.


Curious to hear what refurbishing would mean for your TCO? Don’t delay: ask to speak to our tank specialists. Together we'll see if refurbishing could be the quick, safe, economic and ecologic solution for you.

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