Universal EU

‘Always the right chassis and the right weight distribution’

This is our most versatile container chassis. It can be used to transport virtually any container, with a perfect weight distribution every time.
For example, the 20' container can be placed centrally for good weight distribution while driving, and it can be placed at the rear for loading/unloading at the quay.
The 20' container can be moved fully autonomously using the tractor unit, so there is no need to use a crane or forklift truck.
For this purpose, the structure consists of two chassis that slide over each other. In order to resist wear due to sliding friction, the bottom part of the chassis is entirely hot-dip galvanised.
A 40' tunnel container, 2 x 20' containers and a 45' container (in Benelux) can also be transported.
High cube containers can be transported within the legally permitted 4m.
Identical to the Universal BX chassis, except that this chassis also has a manually extendable head, for 45' containers to be driven legally all over Europe.

As an option this chassis can also be equipped for the transport of tank containers.